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"O’SouthFest 2024" presented by O’South Coast and Papillons Square

The first inclusive carnival in the Tseung Kwan O South District for people and pets, featuring charity run, charity pets’ parade, gourmet and wine fair and themed market, to promote a healthy lifestyle, pet-friendly environment, and unique dining experiences in the Tseung Kwan O South District.

Tseung Kwan O South District (O’South) is a vibrant community known for its gorgeous bay views, high-quality residences, green waterfront parks, and diverse community facilities, providing a comfortable living environment. 

Four residences and shopping malls at O’South, including O’South Coast (“Capri Place”, “Monterey Place”, “Savannah Place”) managed by Phoenix Property Investors, and Papillons Square managed by Chinachem Group, will jointly organize the first “O’SouthFest 2024” from April 20 to 28, 2024. “O’SouthFest 2024” aims to promote a healthy and quality lifestyle, pet inclusivity, and unique dining experiences at O’South. “O’SouthFest 2024” includes “O’South Coastal Run 2024”, “O’South Pets Parade 2024”, “O’South Cheers & Savor” and “O’South Bazaar”. Let’s enjoy a joyful holiday with your family, friends, and beloved pets!

Date Event Venue
Apr 21 (Sun) O'South Coastal Run 2024 Monterey Place, O’South Coast
Apr 21 (Sun) O'South Pets Parade 2024 Monterey Place, O’South Coast
Apr 20 to 28 (weekends only) O'South Cheers & Savor Papillons Square
Apr 20 to 28 (weekends only) O'South Bazaar Papillons Square


50% of the "O'South Coastal Run 2024" registration fees will be donated to the following non-profit organizations:

RunOurCity Foundation

A foundation named after the “RunOurCity” organization, dedicated to promoting the culture of running and sports in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation

Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation: Aims to promote the concept of “equal participation in sports sharing”, so that visually impaired friends can regain their self-confidence and integrate into society through sports activities.

Running In The Dark

Running in the Dark

Empowering visually impaired athletes to overcome challenges and find light in the darkness. Through marathons and life education lectures, participants are inspired by stories of overcoming adversity.

50% of the "O'South Pets Parade 2024" registration fees will be donated to the following non-profit organization:

Big Tree Benevolent Animal Shelter

Primarily cares for stray and abandoned animals, providing shelter, medical care, and rehoming services while advocating for humane and animal rights awareness.